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Paper available per tenant request

As of November 24, 2009, a link to the Act is provided online; and a tenant may request one paper copy from our office (Laws 2009, 3SS, Ch. 7, sec. 18).

If legal advice or other expert assistance is required the office suggests contacting the references listed on this page.


If you are renting a mobile home refer to the Arizona Mobile Home Parks Residential Landlord and Tenant Act link.

Arizona Revised Statutes Title 33, Chapter 10
Download this publication for FREE from our Web site
Changes effective July 29, 2010 ~ Laws 2010, Ch. 264 legislative changes include adding section A.R.S. § 33-1331 (H.B. 2766). Laws 2010, Ch. 264, § 2

Get Adobe Acrobat Reader Residential Landlord & Tenant Act, updated July 2010

  • FREE download: It is posted as a public courtesy under Arizona law.
  • Per Arizona law a tenant may request one paper copy from our Office.
  • The publication contains Arizona law, but it does not constitute legal advice. You are encouraged to take specific landlord/tenant matters to an attorney.
  • The Secretary of State's Office cannot answer questions about this Act. Who can? See the information below.
  • The Arizona Legislature is the author of these laws.

The office only lists government resources on this page.
Content on Web sites or State of Arizona resources outside the control of the Secretary of State are linked below. Any document, information, material, or endorsements of products or services appearing on external Web sites are not sponsored nor endorsed by the Secretary of State's office. The Secretary of State's office disavows legal responsibility for what a user may find on another site or for personal opinions that may be found on another Web site link. This information is being provided as a public service.

Federal Resources

The Fair Housing Act
You can obtain assistance (a) in learning about the Fair Housing Act, or (b) in filing a complaint at the HUD Regional Offices for Arizona listed below:
For Arizona, California, Hawaii, and Nevada:
Fair Housing Enforcement Center
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Phillip Burton Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse
450 Golden Gate Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94102-3448
Telephone (415) 436-8400 or 1-800-347-3739
Fax (415) 436-8537 • TTY (415) 436-6594

Other State of Arizona Resources

Get Adobe Acrobat Reader Tenant's Rights Handbook

  • This handbook explains tenant's rights in the State of Arizona.
  • FREE download: from the Attorney General's Web site.
  • The Secretary of State's Office is not the publisher of this handbook, nor can we answer questions about the information in it. Call the Attorney General's Office at (602) 542-5025 for more information.
  • Community Legal Services is the author of this handbook.

Arizona Judicial Branch, Arizona Courts - Evictions and Small Claims

  • Evictions and Eviction Forms
  • Other information resources are listed on the Web site.

Eviction Assistance

  • This Web page reviews renters rights.
  • FREE download: from the Arizona Department of Housing Web site.
  • Other information resources are listed on the Web site.
Cities, Towns & Counties
Contact your city, town or county to see if they offer assistance.
A list or Arizona's cities, towns and counties is posted at the state's Web site,
  Mesa's Landlord and Tenant Information Web page
  (602) 262-7210 (Leave your name and number and the service will return your call)

To request a full-length copy of the landlord/tenant act or for general information, call the City of Scottsdale at (480) 312-7717.

Landlord/Tenant dispute hotline
  (602) 256-3517

Department of Neighborhood Resources


Maricopa County:



County Attorney's Office
Slumlord Hotline (602) 372-7586
Leave your name and number and the county will return your call. You can also request an anti-slum packet.

Roach Infestation (Maricopa County):
(602) 506-6616

Other Renter Resources
Civil Complaints
Request a packet on how to file a civil complaint against a landlord (this civil complaint is not filed with the Attorney General's Office)
  (602) 542-5763
Attorney References and Resources
We recommend you check your local phone book or bar association.
Look under "Real Estate Lawyers: Landlord and Tenant Law"
Associations and Counselors
We recommend you check your phone book for local associations who may offer assistance.
Search under:
Special Legal Services
Social Services
Service Organizations
Arizona Colleges, Student Resources

Arizona State University
This section provides basic information regarding landlord-tenant law in Arizona. This general overview is not a substitute for legal advice.
Landlord & Tenant Issues


University of Arizona
Guide/Forms and Letters posted at UAs Web site.
Get Adobe Acrobat Reader Off-Campus Housing Guide


Homeowner's Association Laws
Available on the Arizona Legislature's Web page.
Chapter 16 and Chapter 18 of Title 33

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